Rules & Suggestions

Thank you for choosing our home, CHESTNUT LODGE on DEEP CREEK. Below is a list of house rules and suggestions to help make your stay a pleasant one.

We ask that you respect our home as you would your own. Every attempt has been made to make your stay a pleasant one. We employ a housekeeper that will clean and do all towels and linens when you check out. Please strip your beds and leave the linens on the bedroom floor. Leave wet towels in the bathrooms. Do your dishes, dispose of your garbage per directions posted on the refrigerator, and basically, leave the house as it was when you arrived. If our housekeeping staff has to remove and dispose of your trash, or has to do excessive cleaning, there will be an additional charge that will be deducted from your security deposit.

If any problem should arise, contact Dave and Kathy Ramsey immediately at (281)485-2109 or cell;(281)744-8775. We would appreciate immediate notification if you have a problem and any issue will be taken care of to the best of all our abilities.

Before checking in, either by phone or e-mail, you will be given instructions to the location of the key. When checking out please leave the key on the dining room table.
Lock all doors and close and lock all windows upon leaving. The thermostat located in the hallway leading to the bedrooms has instructions posted above it for settings during your stay and for energy savings when you check out. Please make sure you adjust your thermostat upon checking out.

We would appreciate special care as you would in your own home to clean your shoes or remove them if dirty. Also special care with food, drinks, & pets. Pets are allowed only with prior approval from us.We ask that your pet be crated when left alone and that you walk your pet in the adjoining garden area, away from the house and the yard, for the sake of visitors that may arrive after your departure.

As stated on the web site, we do provide the initial bathroom paper product and trash bag. Paper towels, additional bathroom tissue,dishwashing liquid and garbage bags are your responsibility. If you should use the grill located at the rear of the house, please replace the cover over the grill before your departure to protect it from weather.

Pets are allowed only with prior permission from us. We suggest you walk your pet in the adjoining garden area, away from the house and yard, for the sake of any visitors that may arrive after your departure.


Since you are most likely unfamiliar with Deep Creek, here are some suggestions to insure your safety. If you cannot see the rocks at the bottom of the steps leading across to the other side of the creek, you should stay out of the creek. The water, under normal circumstances, should be shin to knee deep. If it appears higher, for your safety and peace of mind, check with the staff at the National Park. They do not allow tube rental if the water is too high. Sometimes it can storm in the mountains at the headwaters of the creek and raise the creek to unsafe levels in just a few short hours.

Along that same note, please use great caution when using the steps leading to the creek. In June of 2005, the bottom steps were washed aside by raging water. We cannot put railing, as it would only serve to catch debris during high water and act as a dam, which would benefit no one. We have been asked by the across the creek neighbor to please not dam the creek with rocks on their side of the creek. Please be respectful of their wishes and mindful of their property.

Please supervise your children closely when they are outside or when they are near or in the creek. THERE IS A CRAWL SPACE AT THE REAR OF THE HOUSE WHICH IS CLOSED IN AND COVERED BY A METAL ROOF. PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN PLAY ON OR AROUND IT!

One last note. If there is anything that appears unsatisfactory of questionable upon arrival or during your stay, we expect to be notified immediately. We will do our utmost to rectify any situation.  Our sincerest wish is that you have the best experience possible. Thanks for your cooperation and have a wonderful vacation.

Cancellations made prior to 30 days before arrival date will receive a full refund minus a 10% cancellation fee.

No refunds for cancellation made within 30 days of arrival date.